Tips for try-outs

There are often more questions surrounding the club soccer tryout process than there are answers. How do I find club tryout information? How many should I attend? How will I get the coach’s attention?

Try out tips

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10 things you can teach your kids about failure .

DSC00094 "We can fail in a lot of areas. Work. Investing. Sports. You name it. But we can't fail our children and their future."

How do we avoid messing up? By spending as much time as possible with our kids and making them a priority. By loving them and using encouraging words. By hugging them whether they feel comfortable with it or not. Harry loved his father because he was a good dad.

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The Tipping point in Youth Sports

JohnOSullivan-Header“What happens to us parents and coaches,” I often get asked, “that turns us from sensible, relaxed people to stressed out adults roaming up and down sports sidelines and screaming at every play?”
It is a question I ponder a lot, especially as I often get to watch my young children's games played side by side with "competitive" youth soccer games. The parents on our sideline look next door and ask me "what is going on over there, why are they freaking out?"

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What every parent should know about concussions

Soccer playersAny sporting or recreational events can pose a risk for concussions and head injuries.

Despite the tragic news recently associated with sport, the amazing outcomes of sport participation grossly outweigh the negative consequences of injuries. But injuries should not be considered as just a part of the game, especially when an injury to the brain occurs.


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10 Tips for Soccer Parents

Our, for the most part not crazy, parents on the sidelines!How to act on the sidelines as a soccer parent.

Our, for the most part not crazy, parents on the sidelines!

A few years ago I wrote a post about soccer parents, but that point, I did not imagine that we would now be one of “those” families, driving to soccer games in different cities, spending the night in hotels and paying buckets of money to play a sport that many of us just went out and played in the park after school.

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