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Hey Coaches, Here Are 5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Players
Coaches, are you having trouble with certain players? You know the ones – the kids that pick flowers in the outfield, struggle with drills, always seem to be a step behind the other players. For some kids, athletics come easily, but others have a harder struggle.
Sure, you can ignore these players or keep them on the bench, but that’s not what coaching is really about, is it? From elementary to high school, kids are still developing their social skills and their confidence, and as a coach, you’re also their teacher. Don’t turn your back on a problem child, use these techniques to help bring out the best in your players !!

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Neuer the Keeper Sweeper

200Joachim Löw played his defenders in a very high line against Algeria which with the heat and not exactly speed players seemed like a risky strategy with balls over the top tempting for the opposition.
 However, Algeria found the imposing figure of Manuel Neuer, who Löw described as playing as a keeper sweeper.
Neuer made some fantastic clearances coming out of his area to clear the danger. There were some tricky moments like when the Algeria striker Islam Slimani got around him but ran out of space to turn the ball in.




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