We are excited to announce a new opportunity to aid in your college search process while also improving team and player development. 360-Soccer.com can provide you access to a "cloud-based" tool that allows players, parents and coaches with an easy-to-use solution to view, edit, manage and send videos to promote players to targeted colleges. The information below provides you with highlights about this new online video system that will be beneficial for your college search process, game analysis and player/team training and development.

College Search

360-Soccer.com offers players and parents with the latest tool in college recruiting, game analysis and player development. In fact, in the comfort of your own home, you will have the ability to view games and specific game clips sent to you via the system by your coach. This tool allows you to reach college coaches with actual footage from games to demonstrate your skills. This is especially critical given that the college recruiting process can be quite cumbersome and that it is difficult to be personally seen by college coaches during actual games.

Since college coaches receive over 1,000 resumes per year, it is important to gain their attention – and sending a short video highlighting your soccer skills is extremely beneficial. We simplify that process by providing the following:

  • Games taped by your team (no need to burn DVD's, pass USB's, etc.).
  • The ability to easily create your own highlight video using portions of the taped games.
  • The ability to create your own player profile.
  • Email addresses of every college coach in the U.S.A.
  • The ability to send a personal note to the coach with your schedule and highlights (using the "Note" section).
  • Notification to you that the coach watched your highlights video.

Player & Team Development

Children nowadays are visual learners and the possibility to watch games at their own convenience is a great learning tool for their individual performance. Every player needs feedback from his coach to improve. The coach will now have the ability to watch games and send emails to the team and players with a video clip that shows the players the positives/negatives from the game made by the team or individuals and the training needed.
Also, the coach can send emails with homework (core strength work-out, individual skills, etc.), or a video clip from a pro team showing a good play or corner kick or free kick that will be focused on in training. This is all possible without the need to log into a website, go to YouTube, or go to other websites.

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