360 Goalkeeping for the complete Goalkeeper

360 Goalkeeping is designed to develop the complete Goalkeeper. We believe there are critically important traits that make up the best Goalkeepers in the world that are often overlooked in the development of the youth player.
That is why we have designed a program to improve the Goalkeeper of today. Our program will stress the following aspects:

  • Technical ability
  • Tactical understanding
  • Psychological maturity
  • SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)
  • Knowledge of soccer performance
  • Education on the college recruitment process

In order to develop the 360 Goalkeeper, training must be at game speed. Pressure is crucial after mastering the technical part, which will give our Goalkeepers a better understanding and realistic versions of what they will see in game scenarios. Our 360-Soccer Goalkeeper coaches have years of high-level experience in the specific areas around which our program is designed. Each coach is dedicated to helping you become the complete Goalkeeper.
Our program is divided in 2 parts:

Part A is catered towards the individual Goalkeeper.
Part B is developed for Goalkeeper coaches and/or clubs to have a more structured curriculum for training all levels of Goalkeepers.

A. 360 Soccer Individual Goalkeeping Program

360-Soccer Goalkeeping is a professional Goalkeeping program located in Detroit, Michigan, and serves throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area. We specialize in professional goalkeeping training in both 1 on 1 and group environments.

360-soccer provides players access to professional coaching that best suits their personal training needs. This will aid them to develop and excel as goalkeepers at any age or level in soccer. We pride ourselves in the fun, safe, challenging, and developmental training environment to which each player will have unlimited access.

B. Coach/Club Support

360-Soccer provides, outside the individual training, support to Goalkeeper coaches and clubs to take their Goalkeeping training to the next level. We provide customized Goalkeeper curriculum centered on both age group as well as club wide goalkeeper training.

Our Mission

360-SOCCER Goalkeeping is committed to providing goalkeepers, Goalkeeper Coaches, and Clubs the opportunity to develop the complete Goalkeeper at every age and ability level.

Our goalkeeper coaches are using the famous Frans Hoek training method who served as a Goalkeeping coach with Ajax Amsterdam, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Dutch National team and is currently with Manchester United (he has trained world class goalkeepers such as David De Gea, Victor Valdes and Edwin van de Sar).

Our Goalkeeping Director Mark van Stipriaan who runs his Goalkeeping schools in The Netherlands can be the consultant for you.
Goalkeeper coaches and clubs can use his experience to provide you with the exercises to take your Goalkeeper to the next level.

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