Development planTo improve as a player there are certain factors that are important in your development as a player to reach the level you desire.

  • Talent
  • Good work-ethic
  • Good players to train with
  • Good competition
  • Good coach
  • Supportive parents

To become a better soccer player, you can have the help of your team coach or teammates. They can give you only partially what you need because the number of players on the team and the team's common goal. You're the person to reach that level.

You can get soccer info from the Internet or by watching soccer games on TV.
The question is, will that be enough?
Top soccer players who are playing professional or college soccer have more than only talent and a good work rate in training, they had a good training environment and played against good players, but they also had a plan to reach the next level.
To give more structure and goals we as 360-soccer developed a process to provide structure and guidance.

We developed a 5-step plan for you to become a better player and taking more responsibility for your own development.

Step 1. We will send you evaluation forms to
           - Evaluate yourself.
           - Your club Coach to evaluate you.
           - Evaluation form for your parent(s) as they know you the best.

Step 2. We will have you fill in a questionnaire to get to know you better.

Step 3. We will provide you with a player competency profile for your position(s)

Step 4. Together we make a Personal Development Plan, how you can become a better
           player and reach you next level.

Step 5. Each 3 months, we evaluate with you your improvement and we will
           adjust your Personal Development Plan.

In the Personal Development Plan (PDP) we will provide you info on:

- How the Personal Development Plan process works.
- How to create a Personal Development Plan.
- How to create a personal profile for college recruiting.
- Self-Evaluation form and how to fill this in.
- Evaluation form for your team's coach.
- Goal-setting.
- How to make a personal action plan.
- The task and responsibilities in your position on the field.
- How to analyze your progress.

For more information please contact us.